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Welcome To Getting To Grad School's Law School Section!

This section will provide you with all information needed to score high on the LSAT and get into your ideal Law School.  Please use the navigation buttons on the left side to take full advantage of our site.  Don't forget to view the discussion boards; they are a great way to get help with questions, form study groups, get tips from others, and better prepare yourself for the LSAT as well as the law school application process.  

Like many other undergraduates, you may see the true benefit of a Juris Doctor (JD).  A Law Degree can be very beneficial to your future career as well as give you the knowledge and training you need to be successful regardless of the fact if you chose to practice law.  The hard part is not deciding whether or not you want to go back, the hard part lies within the application process, the LSAT, deciding what schools to apply to, and the list goes on.  GettingToGradSchool.com has been designed help you along the process.



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