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     Law School : Tips: Admissions Interview


Law School Admissions Interview Tips

1.      Be certain; don't hesitate when you are asked a question.  Know where you have been and where you want to go.

2.      Research the school before you go.  Different schools are looking for different things; some schools look for high academics while others focus more on what you can contribute to the classroom.  Be sure you know the graduate school and be prepared to tell them how/why you will fit in.

3.      Understand what the interviewer is asking you.  Don't begin to ramble off on a tangent while not answering the question.  If you don't understand the question, it is okay to ask them to restate it.

4.      Respond to questions honestly, don't try to add twisted facts to your story.

5.      Dress appropriately, don't be late, and be prepared; this may sound obvious, however, you never know what will happen the day of your interview.  Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. 

6.      Be prepared to answer the obvious questions.  Why do you want to attend Law School?  Why this school?  Why now?  Tell me about a time...,What can you offer to bring to our program.

7.      Most important thing is to be you!  They will see right through you if you try to be someone else.  Be confident and proud of who you are.

8.      Once you have narrowed your desired schools down to 8, visit the campuses; it will be most beneficial if you can ask the current students on campus some questions.

9.      If you are offered an optional interview, take it.

10.  Be interested in the school; ask questions regarding the faculty, programs, and especially areas of interest.

11.  Be prepared to show your knowledge regarding a law degree and what it can do for you.

12.  Inquire about facilities (library, computer equipment), housing, and campus life. 

13.  If financial aid is critical to you, be sure to ask about its availability, and the name of the person responsible for administering the program.

14.  Discuss your specific college work, mention special reference to courses/projects that were valuable, beneficial, worthwhile, and important to your future.

15.  Be upfront about problems, however, don't rationalize, apologize, blame, or excuse.  Common problems may include grades, test scores, an inconsistent record, or minimal work experience.

16.  Greet the interviewer by title and last name.

17.  If you are given a tour of the facility, greet every person you see with courtesy and respect.

18.  Shake hands firmly.

19.  Remember posture and body language and look interested at all times, refrain from fidgeting.

20.  Close the interview by verifying your interest in the school.

21.  Wait to be offered a chair before sitting; don't just sit down when you walk in.

22.  Focus on your achievements; this is your chance to sell yourself.

23.  Don't reschedule the interview unless you absolutely have to.

24.  Remember the interviewer's name and send a thank you not out promptly.

25.  Refrain from offering any negative information about yourself.

26.  Verbally thank the interviewer for their time and consideration.




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