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GMAT Tricks, Tips, and Pointers  

1.        The most important thing to keep in mind while studying and taking the GMAT is time. óMany people run out of time due to various distractions in the room and troublesome questions.  Use a stopwatch while you practice and limit every question to 3 minutes.  If after 3 minutes you still can't get it, you should be able to narrow it down; make an educated guess and move on.  The biggest mistake we see is people taking too long to finish questions and regret it when time expires with unanswered questions.  The test is computer adaptive; meaning that as you move through the test you will most likely get questions at your level or harder.  Studies show that if you havenít figured the answer out in 3 minutes, extra time wonít increase your chances of success.  You are better off answering every question than getting stuck on a few and having to guess the last questions.

2.        Use computer software when studying and taking practice GMAT exams.  The GMAT exam is on the computer and you should familiarize yourself with it to avoid any surprises on test day.

3.        Practice using a dry erase board, the GMAT administrators doesnít allow scratch paper and pencil anymore; every test taker is required to use a wet erase booklet with six pages.  This catches many people by surprise which is the last thing you want on test day!

More Coming Soon... We encourage you to send your tips & tricks, we would love to share them with everyone else by posting it! support@gettingtogradschool.com.com


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