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Mention you found the info on Getting To Grad School for a possible discount!


Qualification:    B.Sc(Honours), B.Ed. M.Sc. 
Location: Bangalore, the IT capital of India. 
Experience:    More than 12 years in teaching math. I have been teaching GMAT aspirants for the last four years. 
Communication Arrangement:    Online teaching using various IM clients with voice facility, like google talk, skype, yahoo msngr. 
Teaching Methodology:    A personal online interview to gauge strengths and weaknesses of the student. If required conduct a small test. Developing a specific plan for the student. First concentrating on developing the concepts and then coming to actual problem solving. Math can be learnt by practice and more practice. I also utilize certain Suktas (formulas) of Vedic math. An example: Squaring of a number ending in 5, e.g. 15, 25, 35...105 etc. Omit 5 from the number, you get 1, 2, 3 or 10. Multiply it by the next number, 1x2, 2x3, 3x4, or 10x11. Attach 25 to the product. 225, 625, 1225 or 11025. There are many other Suktas which can be conveniently applied for fast calculations. 
GMAT Realities:    GMAT is not a test of math alone, it is a test of psychology. Certain questions are designed to fool the readers into thinking towards a certain pattern especially towards the end of the test, when the time is running out. So one needs to avoid these pitfalls. 
GMAT Myths:    Questions are tough. No, the questions are based on 6th to 10th grade math. Anyone and everyone can solve all of them but the crucial factor is time. These questions have more than one methods of solving, the skill in identifying the right method to achieve the solution in minimum time is the key to high score. 
Fees:    Varying from $15 to $25 (Depending upon the period of commitment). Payment by Paypal or Credit card to Paypal account. 

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