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We guarantee this booklet to be similar to the one used on test day.  A full refund will be given if you feel otherwise

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       No More Scratch Paper & Pencil On GMAT®...Be Prepared!
® Wet Erase Reusable Noteboard/Booklet

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Dated 10/29/2008


(Includes Wet-Erase Pen & Wet-Erase Booklet)

Endless-Notes® Wet Erase Noteboard is very similar to the one given in lieu of scratch paper during the GMAT® exam. The Endless-Notes® Booklet will not be allowed in on test day, but will provide crucial practice prior to the exam, as well as save paper!  If you have any specific questions about the product, feel free to email us at support@gettingtogradschool.com.com

On test day, you are no longer allowed to use scratch paper and pencil; you must use a wet erase booklet/noteboard along with a special fine tip pen to do all your scratch work.  It has been of much benefit to GMAT® test takers to purchase a replica of the real thing in order to get used to the process on test day while saving paper!  The wet erase booklets/noteboards are quite different from paper and pencil and take getting used to.  Order a booklet/noteboard today and avoid extra stress on test day!

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