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Post MBA Average Expected Starting Salaries  
Rank Business School Median Total
Pay Package
1 Northwestern (Kellogg) $142,000
2 Chicago $140,000
3 Harvard $160,000
4 Stanford $165,500
5 U. of Pennsylvania (Wharton) $156,000
6 MIT $149,000
7 Columbia $142,500
8 Michigan $131,000
9 Duke (Fuqua) $128,500
10 Dartmouth (Tuck) $149,500
11 Cornell (Johnson) $135,000
12 Virginia (Darden) $135,000
13 UC Berkeley (Haas) $135,000
14 Yale $130,000
15 NYU (Stern) $140,000
Sources: BusinessWeek's 2002 Business School Survey and
BusinessWeek's Guide to the Best Business Schools (7th Ed.)

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